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Shockra Hair Salon: 208-939-7788

The team at Shockra are independent contractors.  You may call the main line or their direct numbers to schedule appointments.

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Hair Stylist                                                   

Katie NewsomeOwner/Stylist               


Becky Bell- Stylist                                  


Sara Limani- Stylist                          


Bethany Biegert- Stylist                            


Christina Young-Stylist


Leighann Nicolaysen-Stylist


Cathy Ellis-Stylist


Nannette Bolles-Stylist


Darla Cummings-Stylist


Melissa Scoran-Stylist


Leeann Davis-Stylist


Dawn Coe-Stylist



Becky Dinius-Sugar Bee                          


Permanent Makeup & Lash Artist

Bree Crabtree-Lighthouse Tattoo



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Permanent Makeup & Lash Extensions
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