Shockra Hair Salon                 


For thousands of years, the term "chakra" (pronounced "shockra") has referenced the balance between our minds and souls combined with the dynamic and flowing energy we all have as individuals.  With this in mind, Shockra Salon offers an energetic and healthy atmosphere where outer and inner beauty is key. 

Our objective is to provide an experience, not just services, while exceeding your expectations.  Our goal is to make you feel and look better, and to help you experience a whole new you.  

Most full-service salons offer similar services and products.  What sets Shockra Salon apart?

Shockra Hair Salon beauty professionals have a combined ?? years of experience offering an extremely diverse skill-set to benefit their clientele.   From the newest hairstyles, the latest in designer nails, to life-altering makeovers, our beauty professionals offer the know how and desire to meet your needs at reasonable prices. 


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